Pyrex - Baking pan explodes

Seaford, Delaware 0 comments

When I opened the oven to take out a pan of mushroom caps baked at 400* I put my gloved hand on the 9x13 pan and it actually exploded in the oven.Glass flew all over the kitchen and the oven.

I had a small piece of Pyrex lodged in my nose and mushrooms which flew like the glass. I have some Pyrex pans I have used for 50 yeas. This one is about 5 years old, had no scratches or cracks. Have used it for cooking fish and chicken at this temperature.

I have discounted all the e-mails I have received over the years as balderdash...but now I believe them.

What happened?I was able to dislodge the glass from my nose with tweezers but alas, the mushrooms were a loss.

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